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Dealer Service is the Key to Our Success!

American Auto Financing, Inc., services dealerships in several states specializing in unique programs in order to meet the ever changing face of the automobile industry.

We've built and impressive history for over 30 years as the "Relationship Lender" by offering financing options to dealers such as:

Full Bilingual Staff Both Prompt and Courteous
Sub-Prime Lending
Customized Programs to Fit Your Needs
Rapid Turnaround Time

We pride ourselves in service and commitment, thus making us the preferred choice in lending for both dealers and consumers. American Auto Financing, Inc., represents 120 years of combined experience. Building long lasting relationships with our Automobile Dealers is our goal and American Auto Financing, Inc., would like to add you to this family.

For more information about our unique dealer programs, please contact our office and ask to speak to one of our dealer representatives. Or click below and get started: Get Started

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